Irene’s vision of the world, her way of pursuing her mission, her energy towards other people is one in a million. She is an authentic, independent, sensitive, empathetic, fun, kind and brave creator. Peaceful and reliable, Irene is somebody you feel you can trust and you can talk about any kind of things. Apart from having a good heart and being fun and all the reasons why she’s in my life, she is someone whom I can talk about anything for hours, and I really appreciate that. She is very perceptive and she sees people as they are. She excels in technology and arts, with her beautiful voice, and has a deep spiritual understanding of the world. She is very intelligent, learns fast and sees things in a very practical way but at the same time is very creative. The fact that she keeps asking herself questions, and being honest with herself about what she wants in life, not everybody has the courage of doing that.


Irene is diligent, persistent, dauntless and zestful. She is passionate about helping others when she does something she is dedicated to doing that 100%! She has good and darling energy, always positive and intrepid.


Passionate in her service, result-driven + bringing in very creative talent, Irene executes with calmness and thoughtfulness.


Inquisitive, curious, respectful and thoughtful, Irene is a leader that contributes to elevate the performance of the team. By her adventurous curiosity and calm, observant approach sprinkled with a sense of humor she’s able to research with an inquisitive and critical mind; fairly decipher information with a respectful perspective.


Intelligent, unique, open, daring, adventurous, Irene’s best talent is her ability to connect with people. Although we only spent a few hours together, I felt as if we had been friends for ages. She brings such confident energy into a room. Her willingness to befriend and guide anyone coupled with her vast international and entrepreneurial knowledge is her unique power!


Sweet, brave, dedicated, persistent, helpful and ambitious, Irene is an observer, who looks at every detail and analyzes the possible scenarios in front of a problem, at the time she needs to make a decision, never leaving aside the main objective.  She brings in tranquility, sense of humor, honesty, and transparency and shows up to people just the way she is. Her perseverance and progress is something that I admire. She’s just the person I would count on at any time!


Irene is an open-minded, compassionate, and adventurous entrepreneur! She can adapt to any country she goes to or any situation, is great at networking and making someone she just met feel comfortable, she’s always full of brilliant ideas for business and future. I appreciate her compassion, honesty, positivity, and determination. Her magic is in communication and networking, coming up with new ideas and solutions while radiating happy friendly exciting vibes. She travels so much and each time she approaches the people and culture with interest and an open mind, she can find the good in everything and everyone!


Irene is a brave, artistic entrepreneur, topped with a great sense of humor. Her greatest asset is her perceptiveness combined with her calming, joyous presence. Her execution and courage are without precedence.


Irene is strong, brave, with her skills of perseverance, intelligence, responsibility, and language excellence she is always there for her people. She knows what she wants in life and is certain about it.


The combination of everything she likes and all her experiences is what makes Irene unique. Irene brings a calm, but strong energy and I souls sat Irene is a very great listener, but not just that because I also believe she is great at giving a new perspective and finding creative solutions to problems. She is irreplaceable at listening and helping and never gives up. I appreciate her for always being there for me and for letting me share adventures!


Irene is sweet, witty, smart, so positive and artistic. Her personality and the way of transforming people is a game-changer. She is a very unique person.


Outgoing, positive and determined, Irene is an expert at jumping into new things and passionately embraces change! Bringing incredible positive energy she is always being a good conversation, she is a change-maker good at taking chances and transforming lives. She is brave and just takes on life!


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