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 Help executives and leaders overcome challenges in management, communication and strategy.

 Drive innovation, enhance creativity, implement the correct strategy.

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Motivational Speaker


 Achieve balance, confidence and correctly transform stress into inspiration. Stay motivated to achieve goals, and make decisions aligned to purpose.

Be a role model, make an impact. Focus on following a vision. Achieve genuine spirit of collaboration and align your team on common purpose. Nurture positivity.

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 Gain confidence in communication with stakeholders, coworkers and customers.

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Coaching sustains continued excellence and stimulate further useful innovation. 

My name is Irene Nedelitsky and I have developed coaching expertise in areas where I achieved best results with clients: education, entrepreneurship, international business and relations, creative industries, management, relocation, language and culture. I am proud to announce that I now hold a credential Professional Coach with ICF approved ACSTH training, together with International Trainers Academy of NLP and International Coaching Federation registered membership. I've been working with clients, executives, and entrepreneurs globally (Europe, North America and Asia) for the past 6 years. Together with empathy, energy, and inquisitiveness, confidence and belief in oneself are extremely important qualities in a coach, and I believe that I possess them in sufficient quantity to be an excellent asset for your professional growth. If granted the honor of working with you, I would do everything in my power to earn that admiration while serving as your Coach.



Irene is such a great coach. She is an excellent listener and a gentle companion to brainstorm ideas. Behind her smile, she has that real power to unlock you through her laser-focused and powerful questions. As I was coming once into a session feeling really stuck and frustrated, Irene was quickly able to support me shift my perspective and identify my different options to move to my next steps. Knowing about the power of coaching is one thing but realizing it with Irene is one of these mind changing experiences. Each session with her has been incredibly powerful, she has a genuine willingness to support you getting back on your tracks by uncovering your potential. Irene is one of these coaches that creates time for you as after just one session, I was so further ahead in my thinking! I really can't recommend Irene enough.


Irene has been really helpful. She is fluent in multiple languages and has exceptional interpretational skills. She explains everything very clearly. With Irene even the most difficult things were made easier to understand. She is warm, kind, understanding and one of the few coaches who has the ability to help according to a person's individual needs which in my opinion is a rare asset. I would gladly recommend her as an executive coach to any individual or company.


I had the opportunity to work with Irene one on one. I had a goal I wished to reach but found myself blocked in achieving it. Her  creative approach and natural ability to put me at ease while we spoke was key to quieting my mind so I could focus on the task at hand. Irene guided me  through a process which led me to understanding what I really wanted to accomplish and the creation of an action plan. The greatest success through this process was finding my renewed motivation. Having Irene to get my thoughts going, check in with and be accountable to was the key to working through my block and moving towards a successful outcome. 


Irene is very knowledgeable and loves to share it! She’s passionate about coaching and seeing others succeed. She quickly understood my goals and was very thorough in all communication. She also helped to relieve my concerns and get my mindset back in place!


Great service! I feel so good with coaching session I had. I’m more calmer knowing that things are going to work in my favor, this deserves more than 5 stars! Irene is an amazing coach I already have another session with her booked. Thank you again!


Most importantly before anything else, I just want to say that nothing would make me happier right now than having someone like Irene on my side; my resources are growing so I know together at least we can help many people including ourselves manifest plenty!

Thanks again Irene, I really do feel I'm living in the end easier after consuming your content.


Since taking Irene's course I’ve made almost 200,000 dollars in investments. I’m not saying it’s cause and effect, but synchronicity is clearly at work here.

What an adventure!


NICOLAS LARSEN, entrepreneur