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I coach leaders, founders, and high-potentials who struggle with decision-making, influence, leadership, confidence, and control to achieve 788% ROI in 90 days through bespoke transformational coaching.

After coaching 200+ founders and leaders from Fortune 1000 companies, and more than 1000 hours of coaching, these are the top 5 things coaching will help you achieve:

✅ Attract life-changing opportunities.

✅ Make decisions faster and stress-free.


✅ Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


✅ Influence with intention and trust.


✅ Become superstars in your niche.









Success Rate




Years of Experience

My clients went from:

From self-doubt to being promoted in 2 months.

From hopelessness at their day job to launching a dream business while working a 9-to-5.

From shy to confident to network with industry leaders and establish a shining reputation.

From leading a disengaged team and struggling with underperformers to leading a thriving pool of talent who put in their 100% daily.

From a toxic workplace to being cherished at their top-choice company (without quitting before they landed a dream job).

From constant stress and lack of time to creating balance to spend more time with people who matter.

From an overwhelmed founder struggling to meet business demands to a successful business owner who built a golden team and gained a competitive edge on the market.

From unfulfilled in their environment to successfully relocating to their dream country.

From underpaid and overworked to building a personal brand and becoming a sought-after expert in their industry.

From being scared to follow their purpose to publishing a book and starting a Ph.D. (as a senior leader).

Don't just take my word for it!

Milena, Principal User Researcher

United Kingdoms

"Irene is an amazing coach! The impact she had over my personal and professional development was massive and it was achieved in very short time. I have never thought working with a professional coach can be so useful as it has been. Irene - you're amazing and you change people's lives! Thank you!!!"
Rebecca, Marketing Director
United Kingdoms
"I have been able to take a more objective view during challenging work situations, and rather than automatically doubting my ability to handle the situation, I am now able to look at it in a constructive way, and make decisions on the best way to move forward. I have also learned to communicate more directly/ clearly with colleagues in order to get to the required results more quickly."
Hitomi, IT Engineer
"My goal was getting promotion at my current company, and actually I got promoted after taking her coaching. Her coaching was really nice, she always gave me advice, guide me when I cannot find any solutions by myself, and made me aware of something new. I was really happy to take her coaching and it was very very fun. I'd like to recommend everyone to take her coaching."

Tiyo, Senior Legal Counsel


"More introspection, self-realization, self-motivation in times of uncertainty. more deliberate taking control and decision-making. Being more vocal in discussions, sharing views, opinions. Ignoring the noise. Increased self-awareness, recognizing own performance capability."
Andrew, Product Manager
United Kingdom
"Improved interpersonal approach, purposefully making it a key strength to work and empower the team to solve challenges. Built self-resilience through allowing own mistakes and focusing on recovering from setbacks rather than the setbacks themselves."
Katja, Content Director
"I’ve found a new purpose in my community lead role and started to appreciate the aspect of having a team around me even more."
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