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Manifest Courage and be a Risk-Taker by Nature

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

How to manifest courage? How to be courageous, how to be brave, how to be a risk-taker by nature?

You’re gonna find out in this article! Welcome, I’m super happy that you’re here, and in this article, I’m gonna explain to you what is courage and how do you cultivate courage. So, what is courage? Courage is a feeling when you want something so much that there is only your desire for it. Basically that’s in my opinion what courage is because when you are encouraged your fear is on the back burner, your fear doesn’t have a voice anymore, you’re not listening to it. If it was strong before, if it was on the front seat or in the driving seat, now it’s on the back burner or in the back seat, it’s not driving anymore. So that’s courage for me, when you are so relentless, when you are so much in your desire, and you go for it there is no fear.

I traveled for five years, I went through 17 countries and I lived in a lot of different environments and conditions, communities a lot of different places, I met thousands of people and I just developed courage, and after I address courage I’m gonna talk about risk-taking but courage is something that comes to you. You cannot force courage. People I hear and see, people many times wanna force courage, they wanna force being brave and doing something but they’re not yet at that point that they’re hundred percent desiring for this to happen.

So these are states such as dangerous situations, life-threatening states, when you have a hundred percent survival instinct. So this is what I’m talking about, courage comes to you when you’re hundred percent sure of your desire, when you’re hundred percent sure that you want this, that you are going for it full-on, that’s when courage comes to you. It’s like ideas: it flies over and lands on you, you cannot force it, so you can practice it, but you cannot force it, ever. How you can practice courage?

In order to practice courage, you need to practice decisiveness and the decisiveness means I’m for this hundred percent, there is no wavering, there’s no maybe, there’s just yes and you need to practice it, you need to be in the state of I have decided to go for this and practice it, practice it, and you will notice how the fear slowly goes in the back, disappears, and courage has space to come to land on you, and to possess you. So you are going to practice decisiveness, being decisive about your desire, you might not be accomplishing what you want or manifesting what you want because you’re wavering, you’re not a hundred percent decisive actually that you want it. This is how you practice courage and I have a lot of masterclasses that cover the topic of courage: business, success, artistry, travel and adventure, anything that requires change and risk-taking.

When you are already embodying this courage then risk-taking comes into the game.

So risk-taking is assessing with your gut and your logic of course but I assume that you’re a logical being because humans are logical beings so I’m not gonna talk about logic in this article. Risk-taking comes with your gut feeling so what I mean by this is when you feel courageous and you’re going for it a hundred percent on your journey, you’re gonna have to take risks and we are usually trained not to take risks so have that in mind when you’re taking risks, have in mind that your threshold for risk-taking is way lower then it’s supposed to be. So when you’re taking risks have that in mind first. The second thing is what to connect with: your gut feeling what are you really feeling about this situation in your gut, about this risk that you wanna take and your gut will tell you very clearly the first time you ask this question, it’s gonna tell you very clearly yes or no and you should listen to. This it’s not something that is gonna be maybe, it’s gonna be very loud yes and very loud no or maybe it’s gonna be almost a whisper yes or no but listen to it. If it feels like yes but fear appears then go for it, then you should take a risk and in most of the situations I encountered usually it’s yes, you should take the risk, you should take the risk because your logic would have stopped you. Your logic is the first barrier so if your logic says okay this is super illogical, don’t do it of course but usually, it’s yes you should take the risk. You might have a lot of fear about specific topics so investing, money, love, showing love to someone, moving, so traveling any type of big change includes risk-taking and courage. So I hope this article was helpful to you, comment down below what do you think how are you taking risks, when are you feeling brave and courageous and when are you feeling fearful but focus more on when are you feeling courageous!

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