What's The Biggest Mistake People Unknowingly Make That Causes Them to Waste Time and Money and Attract Situations That Will Never Serve Them?


Over the last 7 years, I’ve helped conscious professionals use mindset strategies to grow their purpose, life quality, creativity, and happiness …

I’ve worked with people in almost every niche….

There’s one MAJOR THING

they ALL had in common when it comes to the success OR FAILURE of their Mindset…

This one thing was the difference between them

getting tons of success and making a world-changing legacy

attracting all the wrong people and circumstances who will never value them…

This one thing was the difference between them

achieving new higher goals, effortlessly

staying stuck with unfulfilled ambitions and no motivation

This one thing was the difference between them

making 3-10x back for every dollar they spent on mindset books and courses...

going broke and having to give up their dreams

This one thing was….


Ok… right now, maybe you’re thinking, “Not me. I don’t have a system problem.”

Here’s how to know for sure.

You have a system problem if:

your files are full of books and materials that just sit there or are ready for donation

your current mindset practices and coaches aren’t producing results profitably...

you are stressed out

you feel you're on the wrong path

you feel there's no time

you are surrounded by the wrong people in the wrong place

WHOM you show your deepest needs, fears, and desires will make or break your success.

NO… the problem likely isn’t you… or your skills… or because you’re not a psychology master…

THE SYSTEM you CHOOSE to work with is the 
#1 most common mistake
people make with their personal development.

Why is that?

I’m glad you asked!

You see, the reason systemizing is such a difficult thing to do… and why so many people mess it up… is because they simply don’t know what they don’t know….


They don’t know how to create a viable system producing results for different people...

They don’t know all the possible capabilities for learning and progress available inside the human being and which ones are best for effortless transformation…

They don’t know how to layer systems in a way that reaches their exact, ideal result in the least amount of time...

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of your practices – and how profitable they will be – is limited by the knowledge and expertise you have in those 3 areas.

The other BIG PROBLEM, and perhaps the MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM, is that most people take the wrong APPROACH to systems.

And the truth is, with so many “mindset experts” popping up every day, knowing what approach is best for you can be very confusing!

These pop up experts are telling people…

Download numerous PDFs because they're a cheap way to build a custom practice…

Create lookalike practice for yourself by watching free videos…

Go broad and let the book find your purpose…

Test hundreds of variations of approaches and beliefs, while ignoring your own...

They are so smart… let them choose your way, for you…

This is a big mistake.

All of the above approaches are

dead wrong

if your goal is to create your life in the absolute best (AND YOUR OWN) way.

You need a


The five-star system, that...

Can solve your problems

Takes you hand-by-hand to show you how to solve the problem

Motivates you to fix that problem and,

Uses a proven approach that sets up your mindset for success on autopilot, while you stay authentic to your truth

This is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to make a return on your investment!

If you’re reading this and realizing your system is all wrong (or you don't have one)… don’t beat yourself up.

All hope is not lost.

Don’t start thinking about all those dollars wasted.


I have a different, better way.


I use a 4-dimensional approach called the

4 Pillars Of Excellence


When you use each part properly…  all together in harmony…  it will completely transform your results. 

The 4 Pillars Of Excellence System has helped people generate hundreds of thousands of five-star results month after month… for a fraction of what they’ve been paying.

Who am I and why should you believe me?

I’m Irene Nedelitsky, founder of Own Your Excellence Coaching and I’ve been the Mindset Expert and Coach running strategies for many of the artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, helping them fulfill and outgrow their ambitions.

I’ve spent more than 7 years of learning, traveling as a digital nomad and investing in mastering the Art and Science of using Manifestation and Mindset Strategies to generate more results for my clients.

During that time, it’s the 4 Pillars of Excellence System that’s allowed people to put the perfect lifestyle together… in front of the perfect environment… to produce TONS of happiness and purpose… so they can grow in a predictable, reliable, and profitable way.

My methodology is known for giving conscious professionals the best possible way to turn their custom success practice into a 3-10x return, consistently.

So now that I’ve got your attention, let me ask you this:

Is your life full of quality, enthusiasm and aligned with your purpose?

Are you producing predictable, reliable success every day effortlessly without stress?

Are you making 3-10x results back for every dollar and minute you spend on studying?

Is your mind full of uplifting thoughts and a clear bigger-than-life vision?

Are you accomplishing what you want, when you want it?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then you need to keep reading, so today can be the last day that happens to you.

The Mindset and Manifestation Course that teaches you exactly how to



at the very best price…even if you’ve never had success with personal development before!

4 Pillars Of Excellence System is perfect for the conscious professional who’s sick of spending their hard-earned money and time on programs that don’t produce high-quality RESULTS.

Tap into this big brain of mine and learn how to sharpen your practice so you can stop attracting people and circumstances who aren’t your ideal lifestyle and will never value you. 

When you get access to what’s in my noggin, it’s like having me on your personal team!

No 40 module classes


No 318 page workbook / PDFs


No fluff-filled useless information

You get just EXACTLY what you need to create a profitable, reliable strategy that attracts the exact results you want to experience.

You have a desire and a mission. It wants to meet you.

Once you acquire the skill of systemizing with precision, you’ll be able to grow faster, fill your ambitions, and make more goals…and even attract quality resources to fulfill your purpose and build your legacy. 


4 Pillars Of Excellence

... you’ll be able to get more results at a lower cost,

...without wasting tons of money on testing,

    ...or hiring so-called “experts” who barely know more than you do about manifesting.

Your confidence and certainty about your ability to grow using Mindset Practice will skyrocket once you’ve got the knowledge and wisdom needed to choose the RIGHT practice to attract amazing outcomes that you love.

When you purchase 4 Pillars Of Excellence System, you’ll know exactly how to FIND your purpose, inspiration and consistent motivation, set up your life goals properly so you can get the absolute best result per action taken… and get more success for less than you’re doing now.

Here's what's included in

Know Thyself!

Achieve emotional freedom by being purely present with yourself.

Find your authentic you and get the power to express your thoughts, ambitions, beliefs, and goals in all life’s circumstances. Learn to devote your incredible energy to you.

And transform your self-image with powerful exercises to help you achieve emotional freedom.

Archive absolute Freedom of Expression and discover your ability to be a limitless creator.

Uncover who you truly are with expert lessons in mental and emotional freedom. Learn to take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Completely transform every aspect of your life with the powerful strategies revealed within this life-changing masterclass.​

Discover complete freedom!
Connect to the power of nature!

Achieve ultimate control of your life with powerful connections to nature.

I’ll reveal the power of nature through ancient and modern knowledge. And with your new awareness, you’ll learn how to use nature and spirituality for your own personal growth.

We’ll enhance your wellbeing by connecting with your authentic power. So you can harness the strength within you to transform your life.​

Unlock your ability to live your life to the fullest and in line with your higher purpose.

Get to know your true, authentic self by exploring your own divinity. Uncover the hidden secrets to manifesting anything your heart desires with the power that lies within you. Get the power to become the courageous, regal, and beautiful leader you crave to be.

Take a deep dive into your Spirituality & Authenticity!












The truth is I could for sure charge $10,000+ for this workshop series and it would still be a steal. It’s a step-by-step system that produces exactly the result I promise!

It will save you time, money, and your sanity…

But because you probably already wasted money on other programs that overpromise and underdeliver…

And maybe you aren’t 100% sure if you like or trust me yet…

So I’m making

4 Pillars Of Excellence

Instead of pricing it for $20000… or even $25000…
today I’m practically giving it away at

$997 (or 4 x $297 or 12 x $97)

Because I know for a fact, that your mind will explode with the uber useful, highly effective, easy to consume trainings that will completely transform your manifestation results… and leave you overjoyed with the value bombs that are about to be dropped on you.


I’m 100% confident you’re going to love the 4 Pillars Of Excellence System. You’re getting access to the system I’ve developed and used to turn poor results into 3-10x results for the last 7 years.

This isn’t a magic pill though.

You have to do the work and implement what you learn. You have to follow instructions and kick what you think you know to the curb and implement the System.

I’m not promising you’ll make 3 or 10x back for every poor result in the past… because it would be illegal for me to make promises like that.

But what I CAN promise you, is that you’ll have my exact system… my unique step-by-step process I’ve used to help my clients attract hot results at the very best price.

Keep in mind, how profitable your use of the System will have to do with how well you implement what you learn in this training AND how well you make it into HABIT.

Why buy now rather than next week?

If the latest crisis wasn’t a wake-up call for you, I don’t know what would be.

As you’ve just witnessed, life can change in a moment.

The time to take action is NOW

Learn this important skill

before it’s too late.

Now is not the time for hesitation.

Now is the time for action.

Do what you need to do RIGHT NOW so you can have the life you want for the future.

You can’t do that when you waffle… dillydally... or hem and haw.

You can’t do that when you’re indecisive.

You can’t do that if you don’t take control.

4 Pillars Of Excellence

puts you in the

Word of mouth, videos, books, podcasts… Those are all fine and dandy but they are passive. You wait around on them to produce results specifically for you. You’re at their mercy!

When you have high-performing, predictable success, you decide how fast you grow. You decide how many new ideal goals and results you get.

You call the shots!!


Don’t leave that to chance. And most certainly, don’t wait another day.

The longer you wait to fix this problem, the more it will cost as you continue to get beat out by life uncertanties and your poorly targeted practices continue to drain your time and energy (and bank account).

But you don’t have to continue to play the proverbial slot machine and gamble with your life, unsure of whether you’ll ever even make a step towards your purpose and desires.

That’s not cool my friend, and that’s not what I want for you. 

I want to help you fix this problem


And I can help you do that with

You’ll get all four parts, plus the five crazy good bonuses for less than it costs for a quality lunch!



Total value = $14800

Today’s Price = $97

paid in 12 monthly installments

Total value = $14800

Today’s Price = $997

best value

Total value = $14800

Today’s Price = $297

paid in 4 monthly installments

We Respect Your Privacy & Information.

Are you ready to get more results and better quality of life at the best cost possible?

One system targeted precisely, with compelling exercises placed in the exact right spot can literally be the difference between a successful person and one that never gets off the ground.

Almost all of the top successful people attribute their rapid growth to Mindset Systems.

Manifestation doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety and uncertainty when you use the

4 Pillars Of Excellence

With the 4 Pillars Of Excellence, you’ll have all you need to create a profitable and reliable success strategy that allows you to create predictable growth in your life.

Let’s Get This Party Started!



Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $97

paid in 12 monthly installments

Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $297

paid in 4 monthly installments

Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $997

best value

We Respect Your Privacy & Information.

Frequently asked questions

How much time is required?

I did my best to give you the exact information you need to have success with your manifestation and mindset. I included no more and no less. There is no fluff, no space fillers included. Every class gets straight to the point and gives you exactly what you need to know, delivered in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. You can consume all of the content in less than 12 hours and start implementing immediately.

Who is the 4 Pillars Of Excellence System meant for?

The System works for any conscious professional, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, who know they are the creators of their reality and take responsibility for their lives. They are highly self-aware and conscious about having a higher purpose on this planet.

Who does this NOT work for?

This does not work for people that don’t have will for personal development, uncommited individuals who want quick fixes. This program is not a replacement for professional help, such as therapy. If you are asking yourself "What does conscious mean?" that is a good indicator that this won’t work for you.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Once you’ve got all of your new practices implemented and set up, it takes about a month of consistent practice for your mindset to fully optimize. You’ll start noticing a difference in your performance and results within the first week or two.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

You won’t get stuck my friend. These trainings are created in an easy to follow, step-by-step model that’s so clear and simple your 80-year-old grandma can do it. I promise you won’t get lost or confused.

I’ve never used a course before, will this teach me the basics of getting started?

This training is for people who already know about personal development and manifestation. As long as you know how to follow the simple exercises, this program will give you what you need. Whether you’re just getting started or have been into personal development for years, 4 Pillars Of Excellence System will help you get the best results possible.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes, as soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email confirmation with a password to access all of the trainings immediately.

How long can I keep it for?

You keep access for the life of the program.

Can I share this with a friend?

No, one person per purchase gets access to the trainings.

Is there a guarantee?

No, but you won't need one when you go through the training and implement what you learned.

Is there a refund/payment plan cancellation?

No, refunds aren't available. There are no cancellations for the payment plan or the single payment.

Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $97

paid in 12 monthly installments

Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $297

paid in 4 monthly installments

Total value = $25546

Today’s Price = $997

best value

We Respect Your Privacy & Information.