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Through my expertise in coaching, I provide one-on-one sessions and a transformational program. The one-on-one sessions provide focused guidance on a specific challenge and helps people dealing with one particular issue in one session. The transformation program helps people revamp their lives to unify the different aspects of their lives and achieve their desired self-expression. 

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  • Video chat to address your specific issues. 

  • Sessions are held via Zoom chat during the hours of 10:00 am & 8:00 pm CET.

  • You will get the session recording.

  • Please schedule your session via email after your purchase.

1. Explain your story to me

2. I will look at your patterns, where seeds were planted, so we can address them

3. Rewriting your story and giving you the new strategy with tools to implement it into your life

4. Turning it into practice because your goal is to have control over your entire life


Transformation Program tailored specifically for you. Direct guidance with 24/7 support and tailored video training.

FRAMEWORK: 1 x 1h Call every week (or 2 x 30min if necessary), Materials during the week + Mindset Training and Hypnosis through the week and support via email/messenger - unlimited with the 24-hour reply window. Sessions are held via Zoom during the hours of 10:00 am & 8:00 pm CET. You will get the session recording. Please schedule your session via email after your purchase. See my best-selling Program Outline bellow!


1. Identity Audit- Reinventing yourself - permanently setting up who you want to be

2. Everyone is Manifestation of You - Understanding how you create your circumstances
3. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs - Parallel Realities and Quantum Leaping in Practice - practical application in your life
4. Emotional Mastery and Confidence- Being consistently self-aware, and having full control over your state, harnessing certainty with help of NLP and other techniques  
5. Achieving the State - IT IS DONE - living in the end of the wish fulfilled 
6. Knowing and Understanding - of how to consistently be a conscious Manifestor 

BONUS - Optimization

Support in the execution of the plan, creating a sustainable foundation. I am not just going to help you do this, I watch what happens & see where we can optimize & increase results. In the prior pillars, we set the foundation so that we can really accelerate the process and start speed scaling.

1-hour Zoom Session $150
2 MONTHLY PAYMENTS - 2 x $1600

John Maxwell 

I am ordering your masterclass right now!

Christine Parker

Thank you for the amazing content! Can't wait for our coaching session!

This is great for business success! I am ordering your masterclass!

Frueh Herman 

Amazing value for such a price! Take the coaching with Irene, it's gonna change your life!

Nick Canfield 

You are the best coach I've seen on YouTube.


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