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Can solve your problems

Takes you hand-by-hand to show you how to solve the problem

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Uses a proven approach that sets up your mindset for success on autopilot, while you stay authentic to your truth

This is an absolute NECESSITY if you want to make a return on your investment!

Total value = $497

Today’s Price = $47

  • I AM Affirmations | Achieve Greatness and Power

  • Manifest Success While You Sleep

  • Powerful Wealth Affirmations

  • Inner Peace Affirmations To Manifest Effortlessly

  • Confidence And Beauty Affirmations


  • Living In The End Powerful Manifestation Meditation

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Bundle meant for?

The Bundle works for any conscious professional, artists, entrepreneurs, creatives, who know they are the creators of their reality and take responsibility for their lives. They are highly self-aware and conscious about having a higher purpose on this planet.

Who does this NOT work for?

This does not work for people that don’t have will for personal development, uncommited individuals who want quick fixes. This program is not a replacement for professional help, such as therapy. If you are asking yourself "What does conscious mean?" that is a good indicator that this won’t work for you.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Once you’ve got all of your new practices implemented and set up, it takes about a month of consistent practice for your mindset to fully optimize. You’ll start noticing a difference in your performance and results within the first week or two.

I’ve never used affirmations, will this teach me the basics of getting started?

This bundle is for people who already know about personal development and manifestation. As long as you know how to follow the simple process, this bundle will give you what you need. Whether you’re just getting started or have been into personal development for years, Manifest On Autopilot Affirmations Bundle will help you get the best results possible.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes, as soon as you sign up, you’ll get an email confirmation with a password to access all of the affirmations immediately.

How long can I keep it for?

You keep access to the bundle for life.

Can I share this with a friend?

No, one person per purchase gets access to the affirmations.

Is there a guarantee?

No, but you won't need one when you go through the affirmations and implement what you learned.

Is there a refund/payment cancellation?

No, refunds aren't available. There are no cancellations for the payment.

Ready To Get The Exact Results You Want On Autopilot?

The Mindset and Manifestation Plan that teaches you exactly how to



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Who am I and why should you believe me?

I’m Irene Nedelitsky, founder of Own Your Excellence Coaching and I’ve been the Mindset Expert and Coach running strategies for many of the artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, helping them fulfill and outgrow their ambitions.

I’ve spent more than 7 years of learning, traveling as a digital nomad and investing in mastering the Art and Science of using Manifestation and Mindset Strategies to generate more results for my clients.

During that time, it’s the 4 Pillars of Excellence System that’s allowed people to put the perfect lifestyle together… in front of the perfect environment… to produce TONS of happiness and purpose… so they can grow in a predictable, reliable, and profitable way.

My methodology is known for giving conscious professionals the best possible way to turn their custom success practice into a 3-10x return, consistently.