Why Work With Me

Through Own Your Excellence, I’m fully dedicated to helping you understand your inner energy and power and help you figure out how you can harness that energy to take control of your life and create the life you’ve always wanted. 

By enrolling in my full range of Masterclasses, you’ll be able to access detailed guides that build personal empowerment and create immense self-awareness. With carefully curated tutorials, comprehensive step-by-step guides, private coaching sessions, and real-life testimonials from people just like you and me, you’ll be able to change your life.

All I need for you to do is explain your story. By figuring out patterns from your life and looking at where and how different seeds were planted, together, we can address them and help you grow. I can help you rewrite your story and provide you with life tools you can implement all across your life. By helping you practice these tools, you can grasp control of your life and change yourself.

Who Am I

I'm Irene and I have been traveling and coaching for 5 years, and I am helping people live their creative passions through mindset and business coaching internationally.

As a child, I was extremely curious and grew up to be an individual who’s passionate about exploring, traveling, and listening. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with mysteries of the world like the pyramids and natural miracles like fjords and I always wanted to know how this was created, how this was made, and who were these people who had such a potential to make it, and I wanted to be like them, actually, I had a deep knowing I was like them already.

I was always connected to and nature. When I was 16, I started getting more into my spiritual side and I started realizing my level of consciousness, however, I have a deep knowing I was always on a mission. I started learning more about psychology, philosophy, arts, and history. When I was 21, that's when this Mission fully developed. Soon after graduating, I started traveling in Europe and practiced coaching after I finished my coaching and NLP certification and enrolled in a plethora of business coaching courses online.


I was developing myself through traveling, building my own strength and courage, exploring the world and learning about who I am, and when everything culminated, in the end when I finally recognized that we create our own reality. That was the time for me to step into my power and share this with people and help people realize and remember their own potential. That's when Own Your Excellence was born.​

Since then, I've coached people and hosted workshops in Sweden and Denmark, and worked with European and North American entrepreneurs and professionals.  I hold the NLP Practitioner Certification and Master of Science in Molecular Biology.

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Metaphysics and metapolitics
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