The Full Story

Irene's mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet and help people achieve their highest potential. The highest values are freedom, knowledge, excellence, and self-actualization. 


Irene's mission is to create a massive impact and help enable clients' business environment to influence international business, and vise versa: help connect clients' corporate culture to the international corporate culture by providing top-notch business coaching, expert advisory and English training.


Irene has acquired multiple coaching and consulting certifications and awards, and has more than 7 years of coaching and leadership training experience, as well as Masters Degree in Science and English teaching experience and TEFL 120 hour certification. Irene worked with clients from the United States, Europe, and Asia, coaching them on their personal development, life challenges, and performance.


She has tracked progress and developed personalized coaching programs according to each clients' objectives, personality, and implementation pace.

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Irene is dedicated to delivering the highest level of consulting and coaching experience and she is dedicated to clients' success and growth. Irene expresses a high level of professionalism, shows continuity from session to session, effective usage of program material, and continuous readiness to respond to clients' questions and requests.

Irene has a high sense of empathy, energy, inquisitiveness, ability to connect and read people’s needs easily and provide the right solution, bravery, and courageousness, familiarity with challenging life circumstances (moving countries and continents, speaking 8 languages), experience in an international environment (lived in 19 countries. 7+ years of experience in working in a remote environment, hosting workshops, technical expertise, public speaking). Irene is analytical, honest, introspective, and a fast decision-maker. Read her clients' testimonials on the website and LinkedIn profile.

Check out her YouTube channel and training-introduction video.


Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, and more.